Casa Cervantes Façade: a three floored, purist eclectic house of the early 20th neomudéjar elements and a symmetric whitewashed façade. The central front door is framed by pilasters, a lintel and a semicircular arch. There is a medallion on the tympanum with the figure of a proud knight, with the inscription “CERVANTES”, which gives the house its name. On each side of the door, small semicircular arches frame the geminate windows that open out over a mullion. On the first floor, there are decorated lintels with lobed arches over two balconies, and over the door, there is a central framed decorative figure. The house is crowned by a gallery of small Aragonese semicircular arches and by great wooden eaves. It belonged in latter years to the Olcina family.

(This information is published in the Guía de Altea by J. Miguel del Rey)