First decade of the XX C.

31, Partida Cap Negret

It is inserted into a great interesting settlement spot, over a platform that dominates the volcanic outcrops of Soio Creek, preserving remains of what was the original domestic park (…). The façade overlooks the ancient path that coincides with Roman Via Dianium.

The building was built by the couple of lyric singers Emilio Sagi and his wife, Luisa Vela (…).

The building of Villa Garcia is a palace that could be classified as a classical eclecticism that has marked the character and landscape of the area. (…) the ceramic panels are attributed to A. Gaudi, according to the oral tradition. A. Gaudí, who was a friend of Emilio Sagi (…).

(This information is published in the Guía de Altea by J. Miguel del Rey)

Photo: José Miguel Signes