Auditorium and San Pedro Square Pottery, scenarios Altea Blues Festival

Culture is launching a new initiative musical Altea Blues Festival, which takes place from 6 to 8 July with three concerts at the Auditorium of St. Peter’s Square and two Pottery. This was announced by the Councilor for Culture, Zaragozí Diego, coordinator of the initiative Elull Germán and Juan Carlos Chavarri, Tarberna Bellaguarda manager, collaborating with the initiative.

“German is an institution in the field of Blues and has long told us that he would like to organize a festival in Altea and finally squaring dates have been here the event”; Zaragozí said that Altea and invited visitors to enjoy these outdoor concerts will take place on 6 and 7 at the Auditorium San Pedro and 8th in the Plaza of the Pottery.

For his part, German Elull noted that “Altea is a town landmark in Valencia and I think we should make a festival like this I think will be very interesting.”

The concerts are on Friday at 21: 00h and 22: 30h in the Auditorium of St. Peter and act Baboom County Blues and The Fabolous Bloosers respectively.

Saturday’s concert will also be held in the Auditorium San Pedro and here Danny Boy Blues Band will perform at 23: 00h.

On Sunday 8th stage will be located in the Plaza of the Pottery in the neighborhood of Bellaguarda and in the same act at 21: 00h Benicàssim Blues Band and 22: 30h, Altea Blues Project.

Admission to the concerts is free.

Juan Carlos Chavarri, thanked the involvement of the Department of Culture; and announced that the exhibition will host Tavern Bellaguarda linked to the event. Exhibition pediatrician Mariano Mancheño.

“To promote music, art, rugs and glass of wine are the objectives that have led us to collaborate and tavern in this first edition of Altea Blues Festival.”