The Valencian Agency of Tourism, through the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (Invat.tur) has published the twelfth edition of the Barometer of Social Networks tourist destinations of Valencia. Statistics reveal that as Altea is increasingly well positioned to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

The head of the Anna Alvado showed his satisfaction in knowing that data. It is a document that reveals the data of social networks specifically tourism official, ie, channels intended for this purpose. We have collected and analyzed data on 31 December 2018, from the Dashboard Social Networking INVAT.TUR and updating profiles carried out in collaboration with the tourist towns.

As for Facebook, Altea is now placed in the 5th position of Valencia; rising from the 7th it was in 2017. As for the province in 2017 Altea was in 4th place, ascending in 2018 to 3rd position.

A social network Instagram, the 2017 Altea is not ranked among the top 15 destinations in the ranking general of Valencia, becoming the 6th position in 2018. As for the number of followers on Instagram reaches 3rd place in the 2018 rankings which also featured among the top 15 in 2017.