Gastronomy in Altea

Altea is a charming town. And this is perceived with the five senses. The Mediterranean Sea embraces this town and accompanies a large part of its dishes.

To enjoy the gastronomic wealth and spend a pleasant stay, Altea has something for everyone: traditional or author cuisine, vegetarian or international restaurants, rustic or designer restaurants, with panoramic views, taverns, tapas bars, artisan ice-creams shops, cocktail bars, cafes, lounges, spa, camping, touristic apartments, hostels, hotels with charm, pensions, luxury hotels… an establishment for each style.

Altea is ideal both to enjoy your holidays and to come and spend a day if you are in Benidorm or Calpe, for example. You can organize your day and taste a very good Valencian paella in one of its fantastic restaurants.


This gastronomic route highlights agricultural products of autumn, thus encouraging responsible and sustainable consumption. Our food culture is very wide and varied, and on this occasion we wanted to use products such as sweet potato, pumpkin, pomegranate and quince...

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We have a winner! Parallel to the celebration of Cuina de les Barques in Altea, where many restaurants in this charming town offer us the best of the sea, we have held this contest of a rice menu for two at La Maja Restaurant in Altea. Congratulations to...

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The Plat de Calent refers to the “strong dish to be eaten with a spoon”, which the workers ate when they came home from working in the fields. In the mornings they usually left home before sunrise and brought lunch from home with them. This allowed them to endure the...

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L’Espill while you buy to read, is read by completing a breakfast style “bistro” Parisian

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Our restaurant is ideal to enjoy the best of Italian cuisine, where quality, value and great service, coupled with the originality of our dishes, will delight the most demanding palates and surprise the most curious. It is in short a kitchen full of flavors and sensations, which highlights Spaguettis delicious dishes like black shirt with squid in its ink, the rich Cnochi funghi porcini, the excellent Pizza, excellent starters, etc.

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