The Councilor for New Technologies, Peter Barber, the mayor of Culture, Diego Zaragoza Tourism Councilor Anna Alvado and developers ‘PlayAltea’ Gualde Study Adrian Carrasco, has announced this morning the new application promotion of the municipality of Altea.

The application ‘PlayAltea’ has been developed for visitors, especially Altea and also know the town and retail activities in the same are carried out by the different municipal areas, but mainly from Tourism and Culture. Is free and can be downloaded through the PlayStore the AppStore and through QR codes. It is available at all times for phones and tablets, both Android and iOS accessible to any user, choosing the Valencian language, Spanish and English.

As highlighted Zaragozí Diego, “this application is very interesting for all visitors and Altea town. All routes have been designed with the intention of showing the extensive heritage of Altea. It is an application that can be expanded over time and is available to all. “

For its part, Anna Alvado stressed the importance of this platform for tourism “municipalities are resort destinations also have to be smart, a feature that contains the new law on tourism, leisure and hospitality requirement essential to obtain this status. ” In addition, Alvado noted that “given the great success they are having to do guided tours throughout the year in the hands of professionals, we believe that this application can improve the quality of them.” “On the one hand, the PPP aims to promote our town and its surroundings, and on the other, provide better quality, not only for the citizens of Altea, but also for visitors, so they have this application provides that the municipality can enjoy from anywhere in the world. “

The developer ‘PlayAltea’ said that “this is the first project that we publish as PlayGuía consists of two parts, one audio guide and other information gathering.” As explained Gualde “first platform comes with five routes initials, like the 400th anniversary we have developed with Perejaume Zaragozí and other routes have been facilitated by the Department of Tourism and Environment.”

Moreover, as highlighted by the developer, the most interesting part is that this platform has the ability to gather information. In this case, the City of Altea obtain data such as the language most used by users, their age, viewed routes and times of use of the application, among others. With this information, Gualde adds, “you can focus the use of resources with greater efficiency.”

Peter Barber said that “this platform joins the catalog we have in the City of Altea. So far, the area that will benefit from this platform is the Department of Tourism, but we can expand and transfer it to other departments, such as during the Moors and Christians, with the creation of different routes where it has all the information on events and find the rocks, putting the visitors access all the information in an application. ” Finally, the mayor has congratulated the platform “that enjoy all Altea and visitors.”