The pizzeria and creperie STROMBOLI is located in the old part of Altea near of the Church Square where is the famous Dome of the Mediterranean. From his vantage point we can see stunning views of the bay of Altea, the Rock of Ifach, the skyscrapers of Benidorm through Albir beach and Sierra Frost. Felix started on the world of restaurants in 1990. Six years later he was joined by his brother Thomas and decided to create a pizza with a different flavor, a family atmosphere and exquisite food, is what we now know as Pizzeria-Creperia STROMBOLI.
With a excellent quality, STROMBOLI pizzeria offers from pizza, salty-sweet pancakes, meat, fish and authentic delicacies to their bolognese eggplants and fried camembert.
Don’t forget its rich and extensive wine cellar, where the most discerning palates can satisfy all of his expectations.